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Nichole Joy Show

Jul 24, 2021

This bonus episode is brought to you from Instagram Live. Last week, Dr. Alexis Edwards and I did an IG Live on the topic of healing for business expansion. It was too good to leave on IG only, so my team pulled together to get it to you on the podcast asap. 

Dr. Alexis Edwards is the founder of the Expansion Principle Institute, Channel of The Expansion Principle (EP) vibrational technology, a Soul Coach, energy mastery mentor, author of the Expansion Principle Book and speaker. You can connect with her on Instagram at: @expansionprincipleinstitute.

I hope you enjoy the conversation, as we discuss how I use the Expansion Principle energy in my business, and with my clients in the Doulas in Business Mastermind. It was epic (in Alexis' words).