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Nichole Joy Show

Apr 28, 2020

Join us for a discussion on the significance of self development for doulas and other birth professionals. We chat about:
  • the difference between self care and self development
  • how self development impacts your birth work
  • changing your vibration
  • shifting the lens through which you experience the world
  • how we perceive...

Apr 21, 2020

What happens if you make your courses passive, or self-paced? Or even part of your course? Spoiler alert: you don't lose the opportunity to connect and engage with your clients. You can actually go deeper in your 1:1 or small group time with them.

This week I'm explaining how I took my online courses to passive in...

Apr 14, 2020

Most birth businesses came to a screeching halt over the last few weeks. In this episode, I'll dive into some tips on how to navigate this transition that you're in.

First, know that you have permission to press pause on business for as long as you need. Your mental health is PRIORITY. And, there is no stigma with...

Apr 7, 2020

Moving your doula business online might feel overwhelming... I get it. One of the questions that continues to come up is, 'what social media platform should I be on?'

I have an unpopular opinion here, in that I don't think there is a 'right' platform. Have a listen and I'll explain.

Be sure to download the free >> 7...