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Nichole Joy Show

Aug 30, 2022

First order of business - mark these dates in your calendar ASAP:

The New Business Paradigm open house is coming on Tuesday 9/6/22 at 11am eastern. Note that this is a free open house, but you’ll need to register for the private zoom link. 

Then we start the 3-day Rebirth...

Aug 16, 2022

If the phrase ‘no brainer’ makes you feel some type of way, I hear you. In this episode, you’ll hear a bit of a conversation I had with a dear friend / mentor that forever expanded the way that I think about the meaning behind the phrase.

Also, if you’ve ever considered offering something at a ‘no brainer’...

Aug 9, 2022

Worried about what they’ll think if you make big changes in your business? You’re in good company. In this episode, you’ll learn how I navigate making changes, switching things up, and rebirthing myself online over and over. Hint: societal beliefs about people changing directions don’t fit all of us. Here’s...

Aug 2, 2022

Viral videos - what are they? Why are they a coveted thing to have in the world of online business? Do viral videos mean a sudden huge audience and $?

In this episode, you’ll hear about my two personal experiences with viral videos, my takeaways, and what you need to know.