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Nichole Joy Show

Oct 26, 2021

The key to helping more families? It starts with education. Yes, even if you’re not a childbirth educator!

Bottom line: if people don’t understand what you do, they’ll never become your client. 

In this episode, you’ll learn how birth workers carry the burden of education, which can also be a beautiful...

Oct 19, 2021

Have you heard the story of Nichole vs. snake? If not, you're in for a treat. If yes, there are more layers of understanding coming forward.

The snake story didn't end after our encounter. In fact, the snake message continued to show up for me through the weekend. Join me for a conversation about the deeper meaning, and...

Oct 12, 2021

This week I’m pulling back the curtain on the Online Business School Membership. You’ve met several current and founding members and heard their business birth stories, but what exactly were they learning in the membership?


In this week’s episode, you’ll learn about all of the courses, workshops, templates,...

Oct 5, 2021

It’s my turn to pull the curtain back on my own business. I hope you enjoy a glimpse of my business birth story, the abbreviated version anyway. You’ll learn how I went from Corporate Real Estate Finance to Birth Pro CEO… sustainably! Enjoy the journey of fashion blogging, those first birth conversations with a...