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Nichole Joy Show

Jul 27, 2021

Let's celebrate the first annual Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Awareness (VBAC) Day together. Our goal is to raise awareness about VBAC, so that every person knows that VBAC is an option for many C-section parents.

Here are four ways to celebrate VBAC Awareness Day on Social Media:

  1. 1. Create VBAC content (tag me 

Jul 24, 2021

This bonus episode is brought to you from Instagram Live. Last week, Dr. Alexis Edwards and I did an IG Live on the topic of healing for business expansion. It was too good to leave on IG only, so my team pulled together to get it to you on the podcast asap. 

Dr. Alexis Edwards is the founder of the Expansion...

Jul 20, 2021

If you've considered hiring support to help you build your birth business, congratulations! And also, I get that it can feel overwhelming. This week, I'm sharing tips based on my experience in hiring coaches, mentors and other service providers.


>>> LAST CALL to join the Doulas in Business Mastermind - we start this...

Jul 13, 2021

The 'how I built this' series continues with Melissa Fernandez, Cirque du Soleil Acrobat turned Postpartum Doula and member of the Doulas in Business Mastermind.

Melissa shares her story about leaving her dream career for her passion, the birth of the postpartum revolution.

We share the story of how we met... on zoom,...

Jul 6, 2021

We are halfway through 2021, and 15 months after the big pivot. As the world begins to reopen, let's assess the status of your online doula business and where you desire to go. In this episode, I'll guide you through a check-in and recalibration. 

As you begin to return to “normal,” where will your virtual doula...