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Nichole Joy Show

Apr 25, 2023

As much as possible, I try to avoid sharing intimate and personal details of my kids’ experience, but I also want to share the most incredible, life changing fit that I’ve given to my children–and that gift is ME! 

As I stepped into the role of motherhood, I realized that the motherhood narrative on the streets didn’t resonate with me. The whole “martyr mother” and “mommy needs more wine” persona did not land with me at all. And because nothing seemed to click at that moment, I looked for more tools and resources and stumbled across energy work.


And so for this episode, I want to share about: 

  • How I got into energy work

  • How it all felt right despite me not knowing entirely what energy work meant at that time 

  • The biggest gift that I can give to my kids: working on ME 

  • How studying and applying energy work to my kids helped not only my kids, but my parents through “second healing” as well 



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