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Nichole Joy Show

Dec 6, 2022

Quick announcement: note that my holiday bazaar of 50% off courses AND my new audiobook is still going on. I decided to keep it going through 12/31/22 to allow you more space to decide what’s best for you. AND, all course members (of any course) are invited to a bonus strategy session this Thursday, 12/8. This is a great opportunity to ask me questions about how to apply what you’re learning in the courses to YOUR business.

And if you need guidance, get in my DMs or email me and I’m happy to help. I have a lot of curriculum at this point, so I’m here to help you find exactly what would be the most supportive of you at this point in your journey, even if that’s a specific podcast episode.

Course menu:

Audiobook ‘Just Start’:

Now for this week’s episode:

Sooooo many of you want to build a mostly passive business. Meaning, you create resources for people to learn from you on their own time, so that you can help your community, while living your life, taking care of your littles, and just BEing.

A few examples of passive products in my business include:
Self-paced or on-demand workshops / classes/ courses
Other digital resources: e-books, audiobook, guides, checklists
In my business: the pregnancy library (cheat sheets, birth plan), the virtual doula’s content toolkit and a collection of online business courses

Here’s the thing that I learned about passive courses (over 200 people have purchased my business courses, another 250ish have taken my online birth courses, plus another 150+ have accessed my business courses through other support containers) a lot of people may purchase a course, yet only a percentage of them actually watch it.

Now, I do believe that you don’t HAVE to watch every single minute of every single course that you purchase to get what you need out of it.

I trust you to lead yourself to exactly what YOU need, when you need it.

And still, as a heart-centered entrepreneur, I don’t want you to just buy my courses. I want you to watch at least some of the modules and more importantly, take action & apply some of what you’ve learned.

You’re not going to build a 6-figure online business by collecting digital courses. No matter how deeply discounted they are.

And that doesn’t really help anybody.

We want to HELP our people.

I want to HELP you take action. I actually feel like my job in this respect is two-fold: 1) to help you expand the way that you think about the various topics that I teach on, and 2) to help you take action.

So here’s my tip. I started this back in March of 2020 and LOVED it.

Consider adding a bonus live session for your students.

In my business, I’ve offered bonus Q&As and this week I’m offering a bonus strategy session.

I love this because it allows us to go deeper into the conversation, apply the teachings to YOU and YOUR specific business, and connect on a deeper level. This is particularly important in the online space, where meeting someone and building trust can be more nuanced.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the holiday bazaar for 50% off my courses! When you’re IN by 12/8, you’ll get an email from me on 12/8 inviting you to a BONUS group strategy session on zoom (with the link). See you there!