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Nichole Joy Show

Aug 17, 2021

If the traditional role as a birth professional feels like it doesn't quite fit, you're in good company. In this episode, I'll explain how the stories of traditional roles have kept me playing small in motherhood and in starting my birth business.

For many of us, the message is that the traditional role of a birth doula, postpartum doula, childbirth educator, or any other title that falls under the category of birth professionals is the ‘right’ or ‘only’ way to do this work.

My belief is that the traditional way is ONE of the beautiful ways to do this work. Just as the traditional role of motherhood is just ONE way to do it.

You'll learn how to stop staying small with this old story, how to move forward and expand in your birth business.

And, I'll share several examples of how your role in the birth industry might evolve over time, including:

  • In-person doula support
  • Virtual Doula support
  • Educating other birth professionals about various topics that you're experienced in or find pleasure in
  • Educating new families using tools such as TikTok or IG Reels
  • Writing about birth-related topics for blogs, others’ blogs, etc.
  • Creating tools for other birth professionals to use in their businesses


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