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Nichole Joy Show

Jun 12, 2023

You’re invited to the Birthworker Retreat in Clearwater, Florida, this January! Meet your retreat hosts: Nichole Joy, Darcy Sauers, Kaitlin McGreyes and Jodi Congdon. Join us for a conversation on:


  • The benefits of being away from your usual environment to work on your business, gain clarity, and find inspiration.

  • The energy and motivation of gathering with other birth workers.

  • How & why healing is so important to building the sustainable business of your dreams, that fits your life.

  • The value of putting yourself in a room where people are doing what you aspire to do.

  • The importance of moving yourself, and your needs, higher on the priority list. Not only to avoid burnout, but to set an example for your children, and for your clients.

  • How to navigate mom guilt when leaving for a retreat (or any other personal time, really)

  • And more retreat excitement!


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