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Nichole Joy Show

May 16, 2023

Have you watched the Fair Play documentary on Netflix yet? Admittedly I only half watched, but that was all I needed for my takeaway:

The most important piece (for me) is that society is beginning to recognize the mothers’ (sometimes) unpaid contributions to the family: the physical & mental load. For example, remembering the groceries, who has clean uniforms for tomorrow, what extras to pack for each kid, snack bags etc. And for that alone, good job “Fair Play.” Progress!

What’s next? In this episode, you’ll hear where I feel that we are going next in terms of recognizing what mothers bring to the family: the healing contribution. It’s been my observation that the mothers are initiating the healing of the family, the deconditioning, pattern breaking and creating of a new consciousness level for the family as a unit. One that honors each child for who they are as an individual.

Many of the mothers of our generation came into this role with an 80s/90s boombox consciousness level operating system - and we’re trying to apply that to our children, who came with an iPhone 3000 consciousness level operating system. Disconnect, it’s time for an update.