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Nichole Joy Show

Feb 14, 2023

What does it mean to be a heart-centered entrepreneur?

First let’s go back to our first heart experience - in the womb. In Joseph Pearce’s  book Evolution's End, Pearce explains that a few days after conception, a clump of vibrating cells form what will become the baby's heart. The heart is the first organ to form, and the vibrating cells tune to the mother's heartbeat, and to her breath. Then after the baby is born, we naturally hold the baby on our left side, even when you're right-handed. The reason: we hold babies close to our left side because it’s closer to our heart.

Somewhere along the journey of growing, we are conditioned to lead with our brains, rather than our hearts. Many school systems teach this: logic. Logic isn’t necessarily a ‘bad’ thing; however, it is limiting.

Comprehension and critical thinking are helpful, but why are we not learning to listen to our bodies, sink into our heart space and lead with our hearts? And if we look closely, we can actually see how this is manifesting to big companies who are mostly focused on the numbers, on the efficiency, and on the profits earned.

In this episode, you’ll feel  the importance of leading from your heart in business… and beyond. Because your heart is  your compass, guiding you  toward your life path, your mission, and your purpose in the world. Leading with your heart and understanding your "why" will serve as a strong energetic business foundation as you build your own business.



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