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Nichole Joy Show

Aug 10, 2021

Pivoting... again? Let's talk about how this may impact your birth business, and how you can prepare yourself.

March of 2020 was a shock to the system for all of us. We ALL learned a lot, including that we’ve been sold a lie about traditional 9-5 jobs being ‘safe.’ It’s another one of those BS stories that we’ve been conditioned to believe throughout our lives. 

Here’s the thing - believing that traditional 9-5s are safe gives us a false sense of security. They never have been, and we saw that over the last 17 months. For the record, this isn’t to bash corporate or your 9-5. They serve a purpose, of course. And your job might carry you through getting started building your dream birth business, should you desire to do so.

Rather, this is to remind you that you can continue to build your dreams, no matter what’s happening in the world around you.

If having a sustainable birth business, or a virtual doula business, is part of your dream, you CAN have it. Entrepreneurship requires a lot of you. It takes time, sometimes tears, and a heavy dose of personal growth (i.e. the hardest sh*t to look at to help you expand)... but it’s SO worth it. You know what else takes time, and for me tears? Working a 9-5. 

So if we are confronted with another situation that requires pivoting, we are more prepared this time than we were in March 2020. If you’ve been hanging with me, you know that much of our business, marketing, lead generation, and servicing our clients can be done with Wifi and some creativity. And if you’re new to me, I got you.


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