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Nichole Joy Show

Jun 1, 2021

It's hard to put the magic of this episode into words, so I'll do my best. This week we are joined by Elena LaKay, Clinical Sexologist and Reproductive Health Expert. Elena has channeled her specializations in body movement, herbal medicine, holistic healing therapies, and her professional doula practice into transformative programs that take her clients on a guided journey towards conscious living and sexual liberation. Her advocacy for reproductive health and justice, bodily autonomy, and self ceremony is fueled by her passion to inspire a culture of empowered, informed women.

You'll hear about how Elena is embodying her multi-faceted, multi-magical self, into her rapidly expanding business. Be sure to follow her on Instagram @elenalakay for updates, teachings, her new tour: Yoga, Sex & Rituals, and her Fall book release.


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