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Nichole Joy Show

Mar 9, 2021

Last week on the podcast, I mentioned that I don’t think flaws are real. The theme of insecurities has been showing up a lot for me this week, so I thought I’d share my thoughts. 

Yesterday I read on social media that insecurities are actually conditioned beliefs, which articulated exactly what I’ve been feeling come up.

At some point in history, someone (or a group of someone’s) decided what they believed to be acceptable, what they believed to be ‘beautiful,’ and created an impossible version for us to aspire to. And by the way, that version evolves over time, depending on the need.

Then we grew up surrounded, and conditioned by, those beliefs. Beliefs that were not our own. And if there was no one jumping in to say that it’s all lies, we believed them and accepted them as truth. Hence, flaws and insecurities were created.

Obviously, this doesn’t apply to everyone. What I’ve noticed is that many of the people who don’t subscribe to this BS were raised by parents that stood in their power, that did the healing work and stopped the madness. Then, they transferred that power to their children.

Many of us are being called to do this right now, and it’s not an easy thing. This thought process applies to birth fears as well. 

Now, why is the relationship between YOUR insecurities and your community’s birth fears so important?

The cycle is serving NO ONE. If your insecurities are holding you back from: connecting, showing up, letting people in, taking a photo, sharing a photo, getting on zoom… you are perpetuating the cycle that is keeping all of us small.

It’s preventing you from helping your community work through their own conditioning - birth fears.

When you hold back your magic because of your ‘flaws,’ you’re effectively trading your conditioned belief for theirs… often in our industry that’s birth fear.


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