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Birth Your Online Business with Nichole Joy

May 3, 2022

Let’s go beyond the free download for email training, eh? I think we’re all outgrowing that energy of free in business. You know the story: I give you my email, you send me a million emails to sell me something.

In this episode, you’ll learn a different way to think about the energy of free offers. And, I’ll pull back the curtain & walk you through how I structure free things in my business.

Unschool thoughts of the week: 1) question any generalizations that you’ve picked up along the way about free (red flags); 2) the purpose of free things isn’t to hook people and to sell to them.

Homework: 1) How can you offer something free in a way that serves you, too? 2) How can you set it up in a way that puts boundaries around your energetic output? 3) How would a free offering FEEL for YOU?

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