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Nichole Joy Show

Mar 7, 2023

As kids, we learned a lot about leadership,  what it means to exhibit qualities of a leader, to lead others effectively, and to be a guide to our classmates or to our siblings. Here’s the gap: our education system fell short at teaching us how to lead ourselves. We’ve been conditioned to do exactly what and when to do certain things, with little to no wiggle room for us to practice self-leadership.


As we got older, this programming translates into us clocking in and out of our day jobs. And we see this in the world of entrepreneurship, particularly in the world of online business, where there’s a lot of people leading others to do things on their timelines, rather than  trusting people to lead themselves to their own correctness, to know what and when is correct for them to do it.


In  this episode, we’ll dive deep into the concept of self-leadership and what it really means to be a self-led individual. You’ll learn  how it shows up in business, and  in other areas of your life. 

Here’s some hard truth, with love: Living a self-led life  is more work, and it may be uncomfortable at first because it might go against what you’ve learned and experienced thus far. 

Remember, you’ve got this.




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