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Nichole Joy Show

Feb 23, 2021

This week, I’m joined by Shelby Melissa, Reiki Master and Master of Social Work. Shelby brings the two together as a mindset and energy mentor for passionate entrepreneurs of all genders. She comes alongside you, supporting you to create shifts in your mind and energy for increased income and impact.

Shelby merges her understanding of energy with her academic knowledge of systems - micro, messo, and macro. How we operate our businesses and the energy we cultivate within them, impacts the world around us. So why not use that? Shelby brings conscious awareness to the ripples we create through our business and supports us in directing them so we can purposefully and intentionally shift and leverage that impact.

In the episode, we start with an entry level explanation of energy work in your business. Then, we dive into how we run, operate, and be in our doula businesses, and how it informs the energies within it (and aesthetics).

And here’s the most incredible - and special - part… Shelby takes us through a guided energy meditation for your Doula business! My advice: save this episode and listen to the meditation any time you need a boost. 

Shelby is pure magic, and I’m so excited for you to meet her! Here is where you can find Shelby online: Instagram.


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