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Nichole Joy Show

Sep 22, 2020

Burnout is SO real for solopreneurs, especially in birth work. It's not exactly 9-5, ya know?
But here's the thing, the world needs your doula business, childbirth education classes and postpartum support to continue. And... to thrive. We can't afford for you to burn out.
Having said that, here are six ways to avoid burnout as an entrepreneur:
  1. Charge your worth. If you’re not making enough money, your energy may quickly be depleted.

  1. Create offers that are sustainable. Burning the candle at both ends & running your business primarily on a model of trading time for dollars = recipe for burnout.

  1. Only support people that you *desire* to work with.

  1. Have fun & make it easy.

  1. Let go of perfectionism and get comfortable with B- work.

  1. Revisit your WHY, your mission, and realign as necessary.