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Nichole Joy Show

Apr 18, 2023

You know how those people that come into your life, where the conversation just flows and things just instantly connect? That is Kaitlin McGray for me. Kaitlin is the founder of Be Her Village where they create registries for pregnant people, to have doula services, postpartum doula, birth doulas, lactation consultants, and other services so that mothers can have all kinds of support while connecting birth professionals with mothers who are pregnant.


In this episode, we dove deep into: 

  • How she’s operating in motherhood 

  • The importance of working on ourselves as we navigate parenting little children

  • Being an example to our kids especially on learning to love our bodies

  • And we also talk about what it means to be selfish and prioritizing yourself 


I think you're really gonna enjoy this conversation because we went pretty deep. Enjoy! 

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