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Nichole Joy Show

Mar 28, 2023

Here’s my dirty little batch secret… I don’t. 


In this week’s episode, you’ll hear a bit about my content creation process. Someone in my community wrote in my content survey  that I am a “master batcher,” when the truth is that I don’t batch. I used to try to batch content, even dreamt of having a complete content plan for months in advance–but my creative energy  just doesn’t  come through on demand. 

In this episode, you’ll hear my actual process, so that you can try on an alternative method, as you figure out an approach that feels most natural for you. Because while batching content might be efficient, sometimes listening to our own creative urges helps us create more impactful and more authentic shares for our community . 


The truth: not everyone is designed to batch content, and you are allowed to explore and embrace a content creation workflow that best fits your design and your business. 


Ready to rewrite the rules of how you do business? You know, so that you actually feel good about putting yourself out there, marketing, working with clients, and doing the damn thing - your way? So that we get to experience your whole multifaceted self, in your highest expression?

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