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Nichole Joy Show

Mar 14, 2023

I am thrilled to introduce you to my dear friend, and personal face reader, Elisabeth Spears. In this episode, we talked about all things face readings, how trauma AND healing show up on your face, what some of your lines and wrinkles actually mean, and how healing is an incredibly viable alternative to botox and other face fillers.


Also, don’t skip the important message in the beginning. I found it fascinating that my audience asked me several times what skincare products I use - since I definitely DO NOT have perfect skin. Here’s what I took from that: you actually don’t care about perfect. No one actually cares about perfect, whatever that is anyway. We are all looking for REAL people, to share what’s working for them in real life. And since healing has been an important part of my journey, including how my skin looks & feels, it felt important to introduce you to one of the many healing modalities that I’ve used.


A little more about our guest: Elisabeth was born and raised in Tennessee,  and recently relocated to Montgomery, Alabama to focus on her Face Reading business. She has been an Esthetician for 14 years and in searching for a better way to heal the skin, it led her to becoming a Reiki healer and then to Chinese medicine. Elisabeth is 1 of 2 Pi Fu Juan Jiao (skincare specialist) in America, and she fell in love with healing from the root of the problem instead of throwing bandaids on the problems! Four years ago, Elisabeth found a teacher and mentor Lillian Pearl Bridges, author of ‘Chinese Face Reading.’ Her family lineage was entrusted to her to share with as many people as possible. To say Face Reading transformed my life would be an understatement.  Everything is different.  Elisabeth is different.  All the layers of who she was told that she was - peeled away to reveal her original face, which has been the most freeing and joyful time of her life! Elisabeth’s goal is for everyone to get back to their Original Face and experience the bliss of truly being who you were created to be! 


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