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Nichole Joy Show

Apr 19, 2022

Have you unpacked the first quarter yet? Um yes, we are more than three months into 2022! In this week’s episode, you’ll learn the importance of debriefing the first quarter to set yourself up for a successful year. Here’s the rundown of the episode:

  • We start by looking at your Q1 results
  • Lifting the meaning you may be assigning to your results
  • Spring cleaning in your business & cleaning out stagnant energy
  • Discussion on energetic containers in your business
  • Revisiting your 2022 goals, even if you’re ‘on track’
  • Unschool your business thought of the week: deprogram your beliefs about the calendar
  • Alternative options to your ideal calendar

Changing the way you think about the calendar → can change the meaning you assign to performance in a given period → which can help you move and evolve (instead of spiraling on the negative thought). And that is success.

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