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Nichole Joy Show

Apr 5, 2022

There are two different types of business people: the serial entrepreneur and the accidental entrepreneur. Which are you? Can you guess which I am? I was born a serial entrepreneur, a product of two business owner parents, starting businesses since I was selling handmade dreamcatchers to my Mom’s clients in her hair salon. I live for the time freedom, financial freedom and impactful work.


So what exactly is an accidental entrepreneur? In my experience, this is the person that may have originally thought corporate jobs were ‘safe.’ The person that was so rocked by an experience (i.e. birth), that you decided the only way for you to experience joy in your vocation is by changing the world. Or, the person that experienced such heavy discomfort, pain even, that felt trapped in your traditional job. And one day you accidentally stumbled into being a business owner, realizing it is the only way to start to feel better, walk in your purpose, and help people.


Didn’t consider yourself an entrepreneur before listening to this episode because you don’t check certain boxes, or it makes you uneasy? Pull up a chair, or plug in your earpods. It’s time to claim business ownership, my friend. 


If you have been led to believe that you have to be a certain type of person, your business has to reach a certain income level, have a certain number of employees, a certain number of clients, or even make money at all to be considered a business... it’s not true. 


Journal homework: How can you allow yourself to embody more of your entrepreneur?


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